Open Water Referral - SSI

Open Water Referral - SSI
From USD $350.00
  • Duration: 2 Days (approx.)
  • Location: San Pedro, Belize
  • Product code: OWRS1

By completing the theory portion of the scuba certification course before leaving on vacation, student divers eliminate the need to study on vacation. Students who study dive theory back home usually have a longer period of time to learn the information than those who try to cram studying into vacation hours. In general, referral students tend to have a better grasp of dive theory than those who study on vacation.

Divers who enroll in a scuba diving referral program complete all their pool work with their local dive shop. Referral students save time on vacation because they show up ready to dive (after a brief pool check out). Pool classes back home usually allow students more time to practice and to become comfortable with basic dive skills because there is no pressure to cram an entire open water course into a client’s limited vacation schedule.

Divers can pick from anywhere in the world to complete their open water check out dives. This is an especially appealing option for those whose local open water sites may not be appetizing given the conditions or time of year – such as a cold lake in January.